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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tribute to Tooty

Yesterday was my baby girl's anniversary and today it is my dear friend Susan's own Tooty's anniversary of 4 years. And as a tribute to her, I used the Lyrics Challenge I am hosting over a Wilma4ever in her memory for Susan. I used the same lyrics again, that speaks volumes of the heartwrenching pain felt when letting them go. Though it is the greatest gift we can give to them, it doesn't stop it from hurting like hell when we do.
RIP dear Tooty.

I hope you like it, dear friend. I didn't have many photos of Toot and I spent more time searching my files for a different one than I did in making the page! lol

I used a combination of  Tootypup Scraps' "Dog Paws in Heaven" and "Cat Paws in Heaven" which you can find in her stores.


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