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Monday, December 5, 2011
Hi this is Scrappin Wright from Wilma4ever
I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with this awesome software.
Let me set the stage for you:
I download the product from My Memories HERE
I open the product; I am really excited to see what this can do:
I begin what to do? Choose a size (wow so many things to choose from) let’s go with the standard
12x12 just to see what it will look like:

It comes with a TON of pre-made items like background papers, elements, text tools, word art,
shapes, and many things you can use to create your project:

Ok where was I? Oh yeah I choose 12x12 and I begin to create a layout with my new Holiday Kit.
Oh! Did I mention that part? Not only do you have a wonderful choice of products in the program
to choose from BUT you can use YOUR own creations OR the ones you have already. That was the BIG BONUS for me; since I do design my own kits it was important to have that feature.

So now I get really excited, I think about all the digital kits I have on my computer that I
have been collecting and now I know I can still use them with this software. YEAH! Plus I can
purchase some amazing kits from the company? Wow ok now my head is spinning with joy!
I'll go more into that later.
Back to my layout:

I choose from purchased products to access my papers. This is how you would access the free
products or purchased products you get from the internet. Want a custom image? Choose the custom
folder and browse your computer to get any image you want. To access the premade you choose
paper, then you can choose color and texture to add as well. Want to buy a new kit? Press the cart..
so EASY!
My next step.
I have my lovely paper so I need embellishments, I scroll down and click from the list. Now I
select Add and it brings up my list where I can go find my embellishments. I am working with my
own kit so I choose Hollyday Bliss:

I choose a few goodies click on the ones you want and press add woo now time to move this here
and that there let's add some shadows and yes I think this is good:

Let's add the pictures, click photos then click add and browse on your computer to your images.
Aww so cute, I just love my little girl. :)

Here you can choose from a number of things, a mat a shadow, crop, effects, ect. I went with a
crop to fit the image into my own frame. I then added text with the text tools I even curved the
tittle in the tag, just for fun of course. So easy all I had to do was click.
Ok this is my layout. I want to share album and choose export pages, and there are several
options to choose from, image type size, ect. I choose to export as a jpg for the web so I can
share it in a gallery. It even tells you where to find your image.. Again EASY. I really love how
fast this came together, it truly is a fun program and I have only just begun to play:

There were so many things I could add such as music, video, narration, just endless fun really.
There were so many export options such as iPOD ready, DVD, Movie, Interactive Album, Photo Album and of course export pages. Here:

Over all my opinion of My Memories Suite is that it's fabulous, FUN, and easy. If you are a
beginner who doesn't want bother with layers, shadows, and other things involved with creating.
This is perfect, it shadows for you, it layers for you, you can move, re-size, and shape things
with a click. If you are a seasoned creator this software will allow you to take your designs
one step further. You can add fun things like video, music, and create a DVD to view on your tv.
Just think of the fun gifts you can make!

You can take advantage of a $10.00 discount from the creators of My Memories Suite.
1. Visit the link here: Or on the links of our blog or from our home page at
2. Create your account and add the product to your cart and be sure enter this code: STMMMS7205
Must be EXACT to get your $10.00 OFF discount (we suggest copy and paste, on a PC highlight the
test press ctrl c then move the code box on your purchase and place the mouse inside and press
ctrl v). :)

I mentioned that you can use your own products or other products you have on your computer
giving you the option of purchasing or getting freebies from ALL digital scrapbook places.
Here's how:

1. Close MMS.
2. Unzip your product.
3. go to the place you installed your software, mine is in the default folder: C:\Program Files
(x86)\My Memories Suite\Components in here you will see a selection of folders. You can create a
folder in the embellishment folder and background folder; you can even use the theme folder. So
here is how I added mine.
I unzipped my kit. Went to C:\Program Files (x86)\My Memories Suite\Components\Embellishments
created a folder called HollydayBliss and I dropped my elements into that folder. Then I went to
C:\Program Files (x86)\My Memories Suite\Components\Themes\Christmas and created a folder called HollydayBliss to add my background papers. I could have chosen to create a folder inside the
background folder BUT since this is a Christmas kit I went with themes.
EASY huh?
Now not only do I have a fun way to make my scrapbooks come to life but I have everything
organized. :) You will want to save your READ ME and INFO files so you can be sure to credit the
designers who make the items you use. I saved my readme into my element folder right along with
the elements.

HINT: I created a desktop shortcut to C:\Program Files (x86)\My Memories Suite\Components so all
I have to do is click that folder to add things to it.
P.S. For those who use Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will get en error when you first open your
custom added background images. This is OK just click OK and they are there, however if this
bugs you, you can run the program as administrator to get around it.
I think that's it. :)

Hopefully I have given you enough information to make a choice in software that works for you, this is not inteded to be a tutorial but a review of fabulous software.


Liza said...

Wow this seems like an easy to use program with some great features :)

ScrappinWright said...

It sure is Liza :)
I will be doing a lot more. I plan to make my family a dvd. :)

SleepingBeautie said...

great review! i can't wait to try it out!

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