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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Paradise Beach

I stitched two photos together to get a panorama effect and I was hoping that the program could compensate for the lighting difference, but you can see where the stitch is.

There are three public beaches in Key West, Smathers was the only naturally occurring white sand beach, but it was destroyed when they built the airport.  They renovated it, and the sand is brought in from the Bahamas, but you get a rather unfortunate delta effect, with all the sand washing out to see.

Sometimes, at low tide, you can look out and see people "walking on water" when in fact, they are just walking a barely covered sand bar.

Kit Used:  Wilma's Paradise Beach Part 1 by Wilma4Ever

I used the Shipwreck font, which you can get at 1001 Free Fonts.

Created for the May 2016 Surprise Challenge at the W4E forums. Join the challenge fun and win some prizes at


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