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Monday, November 16, 2015

:: A DOG'S TAIL ::

So anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love my dogs. How much I just love dogs in general! I'm the type of person that if I go to a party I will make friends with the dog and spend the entire time entertaining and being entertained by the pooch! It's not that I'm unsocialable - I just find dogs love you as you are without judgement. And as crappy as the world is at the moment, one thing remains the same - dogs! My dogs. Your dogs. All dogs! Because to them, life is simple. It's us humans that complicate things.

And so begins the story of "A Dog's Tail"...

81 elements
17 papers

Available in FULL SIZE and TAGGER

Personal Use Only

Available in store now

Full Size



kay wisdom said...

the love that dogs give is unconditional and so rewarding. The trust in their eyes and innocence if you give them love and respect.that they deserve. But do not forget their ancestors were wolfs.

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