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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Welcome to the July 2015 Learning Technique Challenge! with ApriltheScrapaholic
Ok Everyone, I will be learning here with you. I know a lot of techniques but I'm gonna learn a lot of new ones too.

For this month's technique I want to use the
Magazine Scrapbooking
I found a lot of this information from ( if you want to go see all her examples.

Quickly create creative layouts using magazine scrapbooking! There are many magazines with great scrapbook ideas in them. Scraplifting is the art of taking a layout you see in a magazine and translating it to fit your photos, style, and ability.

One benefit to magazine scrapbooking is aiding in moments of 'scrapper's block.' Just pull out a favorite magazine and flip on through it to till you find a layout perfect for your layout.

You can even use double layouts if you choose. When I do double layouts I create two different pages that fit together nicely side by side.

I will give you some magazine layout samples but you are more than welcome to use your own favorite magazine layouts.
This one would be good for lots of journalling

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