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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Two weeks ago (to the day), as many of you will know, my external hard drive crashed and died taking with it EVERYTHING I had to create scrap kits. My Commercial Use products I'd purchased as well as freebies, my own stuff I've created over the past 6 years - including two new unreleased kits and a blog train - even all my tags, templates and tubes!! EVERYTHING! Programs for the computer, should I need to reformat, plug ins, fonts - you name it, I lost it.  However, I WAS able to retrieve my own products from my store FTPs, and some blogs I'd snagged CU freebies from were still available. I'd even found some stray CU stuff lurking about where they shouldn't have been...but thank goodness they were!  And not to mention some very kind and generous fellow designers, donating their CU to me or creating a coupon amount for me to purchase some or most of their CU products. Thank you all.

I did, however, managed to finish and upload a freebie (available here below FIRST) and I created this freebie Quickpage I offer to you. I wanted to make a layout....until then I realised my tubes were amongst those lost on my external. And I have nothing green or Irish in my photos to use either. So I decided to offer it as a freebie to my fans!  I know St Pat's was yesterday, so I'm a little late, but still I hope you like it.

Just click on the preview to download
Password is thanks

My "Lucky You" freebie (Full Size)
Just click on the preview to download
Password is thanks


Gabriela Skiers said...

hallo,thank you.but i m sad. i can not download. 4shared make 1000 secodns. no, thanks.

R said...

I'm sorry your hard drive died. I know how horrible that is. :( Thank you for these lovely gifts :)

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