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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Designer of the Month at Wilma4ever for October - which is proving to be a bit of a challenge without a computer or  But despite my IT issues, I have goodies for you!

What you get:
- 60% off my products
- a freebie with purchase
- a Facebook freebie
- SIX challenge prizes for participation
- a coupon for $3 off with any $6 purchase from my store
- a freebie a week (off you go
- a Build-a-Kit freebie a week!

How does the Build-a-Kit freebie work? 
Each week there will be a new part to a NEW and previously unreleased kit called "Breath of Autumn" released in 5 parts over the course of the month. You have until Sunday of each week to grab that week's freebie before it's removed and the next part is released in its place.  So by the end of the month you should have an entire new kit - all for FREE!!

And what about the freebie a week?
Like the Build-a-Kit, I will be giving away a freebie each week where you have until Sunday to snag it afterwhich a new freebie will take its place on the Monday. But with this freebie, you will have to go searching my store...because it is hidden someone in there!  And on the final week of October, you will get a HUGE gift as a freebie! 

So now's the time to shop in my store! And stock up...and save!!


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