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Monday, September 15, 2014


This gorgeous layout features my 9 and a half year old staffy girl, Ciara, who has the hugest smile to match her huge heart! She has brought me years of joy and is the most intuitive dog I have met. She knows when I am down, she knows when I am sick, she knows where it hurts and she licks the exact place to ease the pain.

This month in the Quote Challenge I am hosting, I provided two doggy-related quotes for participants to scrap or tag their beloved canine companions. This particular quote sums up staffies in general quite aptly, and is perfect for my girl.

So what IS the Quote Challenge?
Every month a quote is chosen and the challenge is to make a layout (or a tag if you wish) featuring the quote. The theme can be anything we like, the style anything, the kit we use anything (though it must use Wilma4ever products) - basically, it is anything goes! As long as you use the quote.

It's a lot of fun AND there is a participation prize at the end of the month for all those who take part! And sometimes that can be a FULL kit, to a sampler to a coupon for anything in store!

Some come and take part and join in the fun!

The kit I am using is my "Wags n' Whiskers" kit.


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