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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
August is recognized as What Will Be Your Legacy? month. It was founded by motivational speaker and novelist, Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, in honor of her mother.

Scrapbooking is a huge way to leave a legacy for future generations. What do your scrapbooks say about you? Will your great-grandchildren know who you are and how you lived your life?

This month we will be creating a layout a week to help not only advance your scrapping art form, but transform you into a “LEGACY LEAVER” for future generations!

Week 4: Aug 24-31
- Using a HEART SHAPE as your focus, create a 1 page layout that expresses
where your heart lies

- Use the Title "Where My Heart Is..."

- Reflect on where your own heart lies...
What gifts do you have that you could be sharing with others
What do you think about when you daydream?
Where could you serve that would make a difference?
What in your everyday life inspires you to give back?

When I saw this theme, I just KNEW what I would scrap!
And where my heart is so will be my legacy...
My babies - Ciara and Dexter in the heart, and my two angel babies now at Rainbow Bridge, Sheba and Jasper.
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