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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
August is recognized as What Will Be Your Legacy? month. It was founded by motivational speaker and novelist, Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, in honor of her mother.

Scrapbooking is a huge way to leave a legacy for future generations. What do your scrapbooks say about you? Will your great-grandchildren know who you are and how you lived your life?

This month we will be creating a layout a week to help not only advance your scrapping art form, but transform you into a “LEGACY LEAVER” for future generations!

Week 1: Aug 1-9
- Do a one page layout on someone or something that you are inspired by
- Journal a short paragraph about this person or thing
- Include the word "INSPIRE" or "INSPIRED" in your layout

What better person to be inspired by that my beautiful mother, featuring my "Oh, Happy Day" kit, which is available for purchase here. The epitome of selflessness and compassion, a most loving and generous soul. Anyone who meets her is touched by disposition of inner beauty and selflessness. She is the kind of person anyone could ever hope to be. She is my beautiful mother.


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