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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to the Sample Kit Challenge!
This is how the challenge works: Each month I will post a directive as to what your sample should contain. And it should contain exactly what is asked, no more or no less. Then along with that I will post 4 to 6 prompts. And your sample must include all of the prompts in some form or fashion using your imagination and personal interpretation. Items in your sample may contain more than one prompt.
After you are finished with your sample, please post a preview of your work in this thread and also a download link for the sample either in your store, on your blog or right here in this thread. This will be a good marketing tool to show potential customers a sample of your designing style.
So, let’s get started. It will be fun!

To give you an example some of us allready made:


Both kits are allready available to download for FREE at our forum!.

Are you joining this challenge's to?

See you at

(you have to be registred to play with us, it is free!)


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