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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well, this 2013 year was so boring for me, at the first semester i have tendinite problems at my right hand, and have to stop most of the things i love to do, specially digital scrapbooking. But, with my parcial recovering, i´m coming back. This back envolves changes, when i was with tendinite, i become to make some craft things with scrapbooking. So i decide to start a new line of products, and for this, i will close my Claudya Designs, and start my new store at Carpe Diem Designs. The products now are full, with 300 dpi, that means, you can print them, or use at  layouts and digi galleries as well.

So, enjoy my closing store, and hurry if you wanna pick some old product, cause they´re gone forever.



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