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Saturday, May 11, 2013

But come check out my store.  30% off all Products.
And come join me in the forum too. I'm hosting 7 challenges this month.
or click on the challenge and see what it's about :)

Post a layout in that challenge and you get a prize.  I usually make something special but sometimes I just give you a coupon for a $ amt that you can use in the store.  You go have to use 50% wilma4ever products but I have lots of freebies in the store along with other designers if you need any of them.

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Designer Of The Month


Other amazing products %30 off.
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If you spend $1 at Wilma4ever you get this for free!
My gift for being designer of the month.
Denim Blue - More Stitches

Freebie in my store now - for the Shape Challenge
May Shape Challenge 2013 - CU/PU


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